We help you to…

Clearly identify your unique opportunity
Create content, systems, and brand messages.
Communicate and deliver value to your audience.

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Brand Content & Marketing
Develop a plan for your marketing, create unique visual content, messages, and collateral, and connect with the audience that's searching for you today.
Design | Publication | Illustration
 Expert Creative Direction, branding and design that connects your purpose with a plan, and delivers success.

What is VisualJAH?
VisualJAH is all about creating with purpose and a plan, like God did when He created the universe, then created mankind *in His image, to be like Him.* And so you also are creative. You have a unique purpose.
 Creative leadership since 1995, VisualJAH is about creating content with creative purpose. We lead teams and businesses to create training, presentations, audio and video content, photography, animations, illustrations and designs that connect purpose and passion with people. Your business success comes when you serve people. 
You may need help to identify your brand clearly, translate your message into the right content and media, and connect your unique purpose with what people need, but that's how we help.
 • How are you rewarding your audience?
 • What is your clear plan to make money with your product or message?
 • Are you able to describe your brand simply so people understand?
 • Have you built systems that are too complicated? 
These are just a few of the common areas where people get stuck.
VisualJAH is inspired to create like the Creator Himself.
God's purpose for you brings joy and laughter, builds families and success, and makes life better!
Through the lens of a creator, I help you clearly communicate your message within your business and to your customers.

Together we create…
 • Solutions to your immediate business needs!
 • A communication process to help you connect with people.
 • Tools with content that streamlines sales and marketing.
 • Value through honest sharing and problem solving.
 • Immediate plans to Save more time, Serve people better, and Make more money! 

My method is to understand your business, industry, and most importantly, the experience your customers currently get, what they expect, and how you can surprise them. Then I help you to create unique solutions that come from your passion and purpose and meet the needs of your ideal customers.

 • Build your simple brand message
 • Build your branded image library
 • Search Engine Optimization – SEO 
 • Matching messages with market content
 • Technology solutions that are simple to maintain 
 • Training for employees and customers
  • Video messages, presentations and advertising.
 • Connect you with happy customers who become your best promoters!

• When your marketing communications process seems bogged down.
• When you need creative ideas with a clear plan.
• When you have a quick question or need immediate help.
• When you want creative perspective founded in The Creator.

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So now let's talk about how you can grow your business with a Visual JAH creative perspective.
No sales calls - I help you get going for free to where you can see the profit from our work together. Then we discuss joining a mastermind group or custom service that can take you to the next level.
Thank you for putting confidence in me. 
- Gary 
(Customer Service Student)
You're the best
instructor I've come across in 20 years!

- Greg 
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Price is what you pay,
value is what you get.
I consider this Value!
- Rudy
(purchased hourly creative services)
Go wild over Him who rides upon the heavens by His name JAH.
Psalm 68:4 
Visual JAH Business
More than marketing, your audience requires NEW content that engages daily. I lead and develop teams that will give you a consistent flow of creative, fresh and interesting content for your social media, website, trade shows, training and presentations.

We work for you creating 
  • video messages
  • product photos
  • technical illustrations
  • motion graphics
  • logos and campaigns
  • print designs
  • more creative services…

Happy to help you create and connect!
Daniel RG Crandall

Nolensville, TN  37135
615 807 0088

Visual JAH leads you to success in your business and helps create content. We love trade show experiences, and multimedia production.
Providing on-site and online support from Middle Tennessee:
Local mastermind support in Murfreesboro, Columbia, Brentwood, Smyrna, Franklin, Nolensville, Mount Juliet & Shelbyville.